Saturday, August 29, 2009

ウィスコンシン流キャンプ Wisconsin Camping

午前中の英語の授業を終えて、ランチを食べた後、今日のキャンプサイトでもあるキカプーリザーブへと向かいました!今日は1泊キャンプです!さて、今日のメインアクティビティーのカヌー。Camping at Kickapoo Reserve! After Naomi finished her English class, we left for the Kickapoo! Of course we did canoeing!!夏、カヌーとくれば!!!ウィスコンシンビール!ウィスコンシンはドイツからの移民が多いせいかビール造りも有名です。少し曇り空だったこの日も、カヌーの上でのビールはまたまたおいしい!Canoeing on a Wisconsin summer day means we need BEER??!! Even though it was a bit cloudy, the combination is great!! Yes, Wisconsin is famous for beer, so we had nice tasting beer too!
氷河が作りだす迫力ある地形を見ながら優雅に歌う鳥たちの声を楽しみながら。自然に浸ります!なんだか太陽も顔を出した!!なかなか神秘的!!We enjoyed the sounds from birds and dynamic geographic view left by the lack of Glaciers !! Oh even the sun came out!!!! It's gorgeous!!
突然尚美さんの膝に川から上陸してきた蛙!スゴイジャンプ力!ジェシカはすでにお友達に、、、。All of the sudden, a frog jumped and landed on Naomi's lap perfectly!! Jessica made a new friend!!
3時間半のカヌーはあっという間に過ぎ?4人は無事にキャンプサイトへ!We had about a 3 and half hour canoe trip!It was really nice. OK, Let's go to the camp site!
まずは火をおこして!夜の為にクロービスと尚美さんは薪を準備!キャンプサイトとは言え、まるっきり自然の中!静かな中に川の流れる音はとってもリラックス!We built a fire and prepared more wood for the night! The sound of the river sparkles over the quiet night out in the wilderness of the kickapoo, it's really cool and relaxing!
たくさん食べて飲んで、デザートにはもちろんマショマロ~~~!!★もいっぱい出てきたね!この後12時位までおしゃべりしながらテントへと!Of course, we had marshmallow time! We were chatting under lots of stars until midnight!
朝起きてみると、霧が一面に。ん????これは晴れてくるのかな?心配していたお天気とは全然違って、すっかり太陽が顔を出してきました!さ~て、今度は朝ご飯!パンの中に卵を割って、ベーコンでくるんでホイルでまいて炭火焼!!!When we got up, it was so foggy. Oh, that means it is going to be sunny??!! We heard that we will have rain today. But look it turned out to be such a nice day!! Naomi is making breakfast. It is a great camping breakfast. 3 piece of bread with an egg inside and 2-3 slice of bacon wrapped around it. Then wrap the whole thing in foil and put it on the fire!! yummy!!
腹ごしらえができた所で、今日はハイキングへ!せっかくなのでロングコースを選択し、いざ森林の中へと!う~~~ん、マイナスいお~~~ん!!!尚美さんとのおしゃべりも楽しみながら、自然を満喫しつつ!!We had plenty of energy. Let's go for hiking!!! We decided to take a long journey. Oh, feels great to be way out in nature!! Chatting with Naomi is fun too! She is full of interesting stories!
There are so many kinds of wild plants in this area. Look at the giant mushrooms!!!
丘の上の方から見る景色は最高です!Great views from the top of the hill!
エクストラアドベンチャー、今度は川を渡ります!これには尚美さんもびっくり!大草原の小さな家の世界??!!と。ひんや~りとした川の水。初めはきゃ~~~~という冷たさからNow we need to cross the river! Naomi was not sure if she wanted to get into the water but,,,,,, yet! she did it!! She loves "the little house on the prairie" so she thought it's just like in the movie!! The water was cold so we were screaming as we crossed.
どうせなので皆して川で泳いじゃいました!!すっかりリフレッシュ!But once we got used to the water tempiture, it became so nice!! We even swam in the river!! Refreshing!!
泉からわき出るお水はおいしいね~~!!約4時間のハイキング。尚美さん、この体力があれば、これでこの先のアメリカの旅もきっと楽しく過ごせる事間違いなし!アメリカってワイルドな国よね~~~~!でもそこがまたいいところ!Fresh water from the spring! Oh, how nice!! It was about a 4 hour hike! Naomi, I think you will enjoy the rest of your trip here in the U.S.A.
帰り道に、英語の先生ジェシカのおうちを見に行きました。アーミッシュ達が建てたキャビンを更に自分たちで改造して、一つお部屋を増やしているところ。屋根を切って壁を作って、、、、。ビックプロジェクト。ウィスコンシンの人って何でも自分たちでやっちゃうんですね~~~。We stopped by Jessica's house! This is an Amish cabin and they cut a part of the roof off, put taller walls up, then set the roof back down to make an upstairs. Now they are making an addition too. people in Wisconsin do almost everything by themselves!!
来週にはウィスコンシンの州都マディソンに移動の尚美さん。ジェシカとは今日が最後かな、、、、。でもいつかきっとまた、会えるよね!Naomi will move to Madison next week. So Jessica (her new friend and English teacher) said good bye to each other, but we believe that you will come back here one day!!!
The 2 weeks program has finished. Wow time pass' so quickly!!! Naomi, keep your smile and have lots of fun in the U.S.A!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ブラックベリーパイ!Blackberry Pie!

今日のアクティビティーは、昨日摘みたてのブラックベリー達をパイにしていただきま~~す!夏の幸せ~~~~~!これぞまさに100%オーガニックブラックベリーパイ!Baking a blackberry pie with Jennifer! Oh, it is a Summer joy!!! We use the blackberries we just picked yesterday! This is a 100% Organic Blackberry pie!!
今日の先生はジェニファー。ジェニファーはパイの達人!今回はパイの形作りと焼く工程を学びます。Jennifer is a master Pie baker!! Today we leaned about making the pie shape and the baking process!
尚美さんもすっかり笑顔!尚美さんいわく、ウィスコンシンに来てから、何もかもがおいしくってたくさん食べるけど、なぜか体重は減っているとか!自然のものを食べるって、体の調子が整うんだね~!Naomi looks so happy with a big smile! She said that she loves the food in Wisconsin. She eats a lot of good natural foods but doesn't even gain weight actually she lost some weight. To eat natural organic foods makes us healthier!
うわ~~~更にもう一枚のせちゃいましょ~~~~~ Oh!!!!! Put on another crust!
この縁取りのテクニックはかなり重要。尚美さん、しっかりみててね~~~!This technique is very important! Naomi, I think you got it!!
ではではオーブンへと!アメリカのキッチンには大きな大きなオーブンがあります。冬のオーブン料理や年間を通しての焼き菓子。アメリカのカントリー生活は素敵です!!Final process! Let's put the pie into the oven! In the typical USA Kitchen there is a big oven. Everyone loves oven cooking and baking!
皆でおいしくいただいちゃいました!It was sooooooooooooooo yummy!!
色もこんなに鮮やかに!ここにホイップクリームを載せて!ウィスコンシンはアメリカのデイリーランド!(酪農王国)。クリームの味やこくも一味違います!!Look at the color!! It's so beautiful! We put some whipping cream on the top. After all Wisconsin is Americana's Dairy land! We have such good milk, thus good cheese, cream and so on.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ブラックベリーピッキングデー Black Berry Picking!

Naomi has a 2 hour lesson every day! Plus she keeps a daily journal to keep her writing skills up! Her English is getting better and better everyday! She uses her English for speaking, writing and doing fun activities! After she finishes her English class, she goes to the Viroqua food co-op everyday for lunch! You can check about it on her Blog too!
Today's activity is Black berry picking!!! We took her to the secret black berry heaven in Viroqua! We picked black berries for tomorrow's activity Black berry pie baking!! Under the sun shine and beautiful blue sky. It is a paradise!
お~い!なおみさ~~~~ん!野生のブラックベリーなので、時には葉っぱや茎に埋まることに。アドベンチャー!!!Naomi~~~~~~~ where are you????? The black berries are wild sometimes we are in middle of the bushes. Extra adventure!!
3人でこ~~~~~んなに取れました!みんな8粒摘むうちの3粒はお口にいれたかな~摘みたてのブラックベリーはビタミンがた~~くさんでお肌にも良いのですね~~~~特に野生に育つこのブラックベリー。栄養価も高い!3人でおしゃべりも楽しんで!ここにいるうちにいろんな人の英語、聞いてなれていってね~~~尚美さん!Wee~~~~~~ we picked plenty!! When we were picking, we probably put 3 berries in our mouth out of 8! It's what we should do when we pick berries!! Fresh off the branch they are so yummy and full of vitamins!!
お~~~満足満足。これで明日のパイ作りもバッチリだね!ウィスコンシンに来て初めてブラックベリーを食べたという尚美さんもとっても幸せそ~~!!それに、自然の中にいながらのアクティビティーはとってもリラックスできて最高!Oh!! We had such a great day!!! It's so relaxing in nature!!! Naomi tasted black berries for the first time in her life!! Yes, Wisconsin is full of such great foods. We are so lucky to be here!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

初航海!The Virgin Voyage!

The Virgin Voyage of our Canoe ' Tanken-Maru' (meaning the explorer)! We went for a canoeing and camping trip for my birthday and our anniversary!

↑アイオア州のミシシッピ川沿いの小さな町。ボートを楽しむ人や釣り人でにぎわいます!ミシシッピ川はミネソタ州にあるイタスカ湖を源流とし、その後メキシコ湾を経て大西洋へと流れます。私たちの住むこのウィスコンシン州、その南のイリノイ州、そして対岸のミネソタ州そしてアイオア州は中でもアッパーミシシッピーと呼ばれるエリアでミシシッピ川沿いでも特にワイルドライフの宝庫。さて、今回はウィスコンシン州、ミネソタ州、アイオア州の境目辺りを探検丸してみます!ちなみに今回は時計を見ず、時間を気にせずの旅にしようと決めて出かけました!We started near Lansing Iowa. It is a small town full of fisher men and people who enjoy boating on the Mississippi! The Mississippi starts from Lake Itaska in Minnesota and goes all way to the Golf of Mexico!! This upper Mississippi area is the most scenic and it has lot of wild life. We decided not to check our watch for the whole trip. We just relaxed for 3 days!!!
2泊といってもテントや、食材、その他道具を詰め込むので、探検丸はすでに満員、、、。よっしゃ、こぐか~~~~!It is just 2 nights of camping but we still need all the basic stuff. Oh our Tanken-maru is already full!! Ok! Let's paddle!!
いやっほ~~~~!!!砂浜、そして砂丘のあるキャンプサイトへ到着!金曜日の夜に到着したので、すきすきでした~~~らっき~!サンセットが何とも美しい!!Wee~~~~~We found a really nice spot on a sand dune! The Sand dune was so beautiful at sunset!

え?なんだかピンポン玉がつぶれたようなものがあちこちに、、、、???What's this?? It looks like broken ping-pong ball????
Oh !!!!! Turtles hatched!!

ク、ク、ク、クロービス、そんなことしてないで、早くご飯作ろうよ。C C C Clovis,,,,,,, OK, Let's cook our dinner!
やっぱりキャンプファイヤーを使うと、一味違うね~!それに、夏は収穫物がたくさんあるから!今日はガーデンでとれたてのサマースクオッシュにズッキーニ、それから、グリーンペッパーを使ったディナーです!We love cooking over a camp fire! We picked zucchini, summer squosh and green peppers this morning from our garden! It is really fresh and yummy!!
さて、翌日、朝食を済ませた後は早速カヌーの旅へ。両端に広がる丘に囲まれたこのミシシッピ川を進んでいくと、色々なものが見えてきます ! On the second day, we started a long canoe trip! Wow it is so beautiful.
うわ~こんなにきれいに咲いている!We can go so close!
この辺にはビーバーもたくさん住んでいる。周りの木を見ると、ビーバー達が歯で切り落とした木なんかも見えます!Look at the tree! A Bever tried to cut it down!
地図を片手にどんどん進んでいくと、、、、、おっと、、、ビーバー達が作ったダムで遮られてしまった、、、、。これを壊すわけにもいかないので、迂回するか~。We bumped into a bever dam so we made a detour.
うわ~緑に青。まさにウィスコンシン!Green and blue!!! It's Wisconsin!!
ダックもこんな日は嬉しそうにはしゃいでますね~!大きな大きな青鷺やわし、ペリカンもこのお天気を楽しんでいました!Ducks and blue herons, egles and other birds look so happy here in this wild lands and great weather!
カヌー日和のこんな日には、冷たくクーラーボックスで冷やしたビールが最高!Beer time!!!!
おっと~クロービス、ベネチアのゴンドラちゃうねんで~~!Oh Clovis it is not in Italy thoguh!!
そろそろコーヒーでも入れようかな~~。お湯沸かしてっと!Making coffee on our canoe!!!
We enjoyed our trip so much ! This week we will go for camping with Naomi too! Oh we love camping!

Friday, August 21, 2009

アーミッシュの町キャシュトン  Amish Country Cashton


Amish Country Tour! We visited Cashton home of the biggest Amish community in Wisconsin. They started moving here from Ohio in 1966. They were seeking a place that is nice, quiet, good for farming and raising a family. So they found southwest Wisconsin!! Their living is based on Agriculture. They don't use tractors like we do, they use horses! Their main transportation is horse and buggy. Even on rainy and snowy days,,,,,. Amish in the Cashton area milk cows by hand. They put milk cans in a spring box to cool the milk down and then they bring it to the creamery that is run by none Amish people. We can get fresh cheese curd and lots of different kinds of cheese made from the Amish milk! Some of them grow vegetables for Organic Valley
They don't use Electricity except for certain things. They ware very simple cloth with certain rules. They are hard workers. Men work on their farms, women make beautiful quilts, yummy sweets, canning, and so on. Family are always together. Their kids learn farming, cooking from their parents (kids also go to their own school until 8Th grade). Since I've met them, I've always thought that they have such a wonderful life, living without convenient things. They are originally from Europe. During the reformation period, a group of people tried to reform the Catholic Church. they believed in the separation of Church and state and that people should be baptized as an adult. the catholic powers at the time didn't like these ideas and hunted and killed many Amish. so they fled to the USA, the country of freedom and Liberty. their is tons more back ground history, but that's the short version! So no Amish live in Europe now. There is tons more interesting things about Amish. Why don't you come and see more about their unique life here in Wisconsin!

尚美さんと一緒に今回もアーミッシュ達のベーカリー、クイルトショップ、家具屋、キャビンに訪れ、数々の作品に感動してきました!が、アーミッシュ達を尊重し、写真は控えて、、、と。最後にたどりついたのがこのDown a Country Roadというお店。オーナーは地元の方ですが、アーミッシュではありません。が、アーミッシュ達がここに自分たちの作品を運んでそれをまとめて売っているお店です。
We visited their bakery, Furniture shop, Quilt shop and cabin builder shop. It is amazing to see their crafts and skilled works and also we can buy directory from them at their home shops!!!! We didn't take a picture out of respect to their culture. But look at this picture below!
さて、中をご覧下さい!これら、殆どアーミッシュ達の作品です。実際のアーミッシュ達のお店は、もっともっと素朴な感じで、もちろん電気もありません。が、アーミッシュ達から直接購入ができ、一歩彼らに近づけるような気分です!There is a shop call 'Down a country road' Kathy is a local person who owns this shop. Amish bring their stuff here for her to sell. Real Amish shops are bit more simple, no lights and no decorations, that is their way. But it is cool to have western style shop too!!
尚美さん!幸せそう!尚美さんは山形で雑貨屋さんを経営されていて、しかもアメリカンカントリーグッツを売っている雑貨!さすがこだわりがありますね~!ウィスコンシンは尚美さんにぴったりです! ←尚美さんのお店のウェブサイト
Naomi looks so happy with lots of good stuff! She has a shop in Japan and she sells American country goods!!
She fell in love with a beautiful basket so she decided to buy it!! Nice one!!