Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yarn Making! 羊の毛で毛糸作り

Winter in Wisconsin is quite long. It is necessary to ware wool sweater here! So today, we try to make yarn at Anne-Marie's! They have donkeys, Sheep, chicken and dogs. We are going to use the wool from her sheep! The reason the colour is a bit yellow, is it contain sheep's oil which is very good for our skin!! It's natural oil!
OK, Let's start! First step, we stretch the wool out.
そして更に手回しする機械にかけてさらに伸ばしていきます。 Put the wool on the machine and stretch it more!
Long Blond Hair~~~~~ oh A,A,A Anne-Marie,, your hair is long blond hair anyway,,,,.!!!
She is Cute !!
It's time to spin it and shape the wool into a yarn!! It is quite difficult until you get used to moving your hand and foot at the same time.
Go Go Aiko~~~~
Then make a ball of wool!
Oh Yarn Princess Iyo!!
Wisconsin women always put knit kit in their bag in Winter and whenever they have time, they knit!
From Wisconsin where you can have lots of relaxing time!

Organic Farm Stay オーガニックファームステイ

Aiko & Iyo stayed at Small family CSA. (Organic Vegetable farm) The family members where a young couple Jillian and Adam and Jillian's Mom Jane! Their farm is on a ridge so nothing obstructs their view! It is absolutely beautiful! Plus millions of stars in the sky at night! They work until it gets dark in the fields during the Summer. (sometimes around 9:30 pm!!)
今回はCSAメンバー達をファームによんでファームツアーと交流会!上の写真は彼らが挑戦する良質の土を作りだすコンポースト(堆肥)のさらなる開拓。彼 らいわく、木の根っこはどの植物よりも奥深い土の中に達し、大きな体を支えるために根っこへの大地からミネラルや栄養素の吸収率が高いに違いないと考え、 堆肥作りには木の根っこ等もまぜて見ようというわけでした。こうしていろんな事に挑戦しているファーマー達。がんばって安全な食を提供し続けてほしいで す!
Farming is not that easy but if you see these people farming, you will be so jealous of them. They love farming and enjoying it from inside. They wear Jeans, keep their ipod in their pocket and hang out with their Vegetables. This time, Aiko & Iyo joined them and shared the moment!! They said farming is so cool and farmers are amazing! Good job Aiko and Iyo!! That I really wanted you to feel!!
They had a farm tour and party with CSA members the other day. In the photo that you see above, they are trying to make good soil with wood chips from trees. Trees pull up all the old deep nutrients through their roots cause they run deeper than any other plants. trees also have to hold up their huge sizes. trees also pull up lots of mineral in them. So they mixed the wood chips into compost pile. It always amazes me that organic farmers always try so many different ways for farming and working with nature!!
おなじみ、アダム作のチキンムービングキャッスル!とりの小屋ごと動かすことにより肥料となる糞を後で運ばなくてもすむというすぐれもの! You might have seen this before, it's Adam's homemade moving chicken castle!! They don't have to move the manure!
Aiko and Iyo look like local farmers!! Every Saturday we have a farmer's market in Viroqua. This is such a special farmer's market. You will see even Amish. They come here by their buggy and sell their homemade baskets, quilts, vegetables and so on! (May through October) Lots of organic farmer's and local artists as well!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Horseback riding in the countryside 大自然の中の馬のお散歩

We went horseback riding in nature!! It was first time for Taka, Iyo, Aiko and Tomomi! Now you are in charge of controlling your horse!!
Let's go!!! Wow the view was really Wisconsin! The rolling hills, cows, soybeans, corn and red barn!! It was quite hard to take photos while riding a horse though!
コーン畑の横をみんなでツーリング!!Let's go through corn field!
Has everyone got used to it? We went on and on through the forest!
大豆畑が一面黄金に輝いていました! The golden soy beans field!! It was wonderful!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Canoe Camping 1 night trip 一泊カヌーキャンピング

One night Canoe Camping at the Kickapoo! There are a lot of campsite on the Kickapoo! Today we will get to our campsite by canoe!!
心配していたアイコちゃんもイヨちゃんもすっかりお手の物! Girls are doing well!!
カヌーの道にはこんなに豪快なBluffを見る事ができます。それに野鳥の鳴き声も何とも言えないこの平和なひと時!You can see gorgeous bluffs and hear wild birds' singing!
3時間半のカヌーの旅、無事到着!!After 3.5 hours we arrived near our campsite!!
We built fire and we had relax time!! Then we prepared dinner.
Girls wore mosquito nets just in case!! Oh we look kind of scary,,,,,,.
After dinner, of course Marshmallows!! But ,,,, I forgot chocolate which was supposed to go with Marshmallows.... ,,,,,, Sorry everybody,,,,
Next morning, everyone made own breakfast which is our family tradition! Make a whole on one of Three slice of bread and put it on the top of another one. Crack an egg in it and put another bread on the top. Put a couple of bacon around it and wrap with tinfoil. Then put on the fire!!!
焼けたかな~~~~ Oh I can't wait!!
ほ~ら!カリカリになったベーコンとそのうまみが広がったパンと卵!ハイキング前のエネルギッシュな朝食には欠かせません!Ye~~~~s! Crispy bacon and the bread and egg suck its juice! Yummy Yummy energy breakfast!! It's great before hiking!!
雨かもと言われていたお天気もなんのその。青空に恵まれた晴天となり、絶好のハイキング日和となりました。According to the weather forecast, it was supposed to be rainy but we didn't get any rain!! Lucky us!!
多くの人が馬を連れてのお散歩をしているのでハイキングの途中には馬に乗った人たちとすれ違いました!Sometimes we saw some people riding on the horse during our hiking! People come this area with their horse and enjoy horse back riding! How neat!!
上からの景色は何とも素敵!!Oh it is just wonderful!
野生の動物や鳥がたくさん住んでいます!There are a lot of wild animals and birds!
We had a great camping!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cooking at YIHS クッキングクラス @ YIHS

今日は3人とも地元のwaldorf (inspire )schoolであるYouth Initiative High Schoolのクッキングクラスへお仲間入り。アメリカの学校は9月にスタートし、今日は学年スタートの第2日目。全校生徒4学年約50名ほどの小さな学校。モーニングミーティングにはみんなが参加。生徒自ら作る学校という事で、今日のミーティングではバイトの募集なんかもあり。最もこのバイトをすることにより、学校にもお店やファームなど働いたところから学校の資金が少し寄付され、今後の資金となり、また街のコープさんでは日にちを決め、その日の売上の何パーセントかが学校の資金に回るように寄付されたりと、町全体で学校をサポートしているという感じがします!もちろんだからこそハイスクールの生徒達も一生懸命ボランティアなどで恩返しをします。
Taka, Aiko and Iyo joined a cooking class at Youth Initiative High School (Waldorf inspire). In the USA they start school from September so today (3rd of Sep) is their second day! There are about 50 students. They have morning meeting everyday with all together! This school is made and run by students. Sometimes they do fundraising by selling something they made, working on a farm etc.
Today's menu is Apple/pear crumble! Also they did prep for next day. ' Canning'. In Wisconsin, it get very cold so we can't grow foods so we can foods that we harvest in Summer time for winter!
さて作業開始!Let's start!
With freshman! The class has 13 and 14 grade.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tobacco Harvest タバコの収穫

It's Tobacco Harvest Season in Wisconsin! Tobacco grows so quickly. It was still small plant 3 month ago but now it looks massive, strong and has beautiful green color! Last year it got flooded badly and we lost all of the tobacco but this year it looks great!! Nowadays the image of tobacco is unhealthy but it's very important for Native Americans. When we harvest tobacco, we feel both a spiritual and cultural connection to it's Native history, I never thought about tobacco like that before. Every year, Tobacco farmers help each other so they have lots of shared community memories. It is an historical annual community event.

Under the perfect blue sky we started cutting Tobacco plant!
カットした葉っぱたちを積み上げて and piled it up,
先のとがったやりを使って棒に5個ずつ位さして、タバコを小屋につるして乾燥をさせるための準備をします。 And spear them 5 plants each!

From kids to adult, everybody helps all day!ひと休憩で美味しいファーマーワイフの手作りランチをみんなでいただきました!
Farmer's wives homemade lunch is one of the most important things for harvest season! Get energy everyone!!
One of our Amish neighbour also helped. Of course he came by his buggy!
Our clients would arrive so we went to the La Crosse Airport to pick them up! We were hoping to show the beautiful sunset on the Mississippi.
But,,,,, the plane was delay,,,,, we just enjoyed by ourselves....
カウボーイ好きのタカくん無事到着!そしてアイコ、イヨも続いて到着。 Taka arrived safe and sounds with his cowboy hat on! Aiko and Iyo also arrived.
デイリーファームのホストファミリーとのご対面~~! アイコ、イヨがホストファミリーに到着時にはすでに夜の11時、、、、。お疲れ様でした~~~~~
Enjoy with the host family and farming!!! When we arrived at Aiko and Iyo's hostfamily, it was 11 PM,,,,,, Sleep well!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Camp at Devil's Lake in Wisconsin!キャンプ inウィスコンシン デビルスレイク

(From wikipedia) Devil's Lake was originally a gorge of the Wisconsin River prior to the last ice age. At what is now the southern end of the lake, the river turned from a southerly direction to an easterly direction. During the ice age, a lobe of the glacier passed to the east of the Baraboo Hills and came up the river valley. It deposited materials and then melted, leaving a terminal maraine blocking the river, forming anearthen dam Another moraine was deposited at the north end of the lake. The river eventually found a new course to the east of the Baraboo Hills, where the glacier had been, leaving a portion of the river gorge between the moraines filled with water. This body of water is Devil's Lake.
We went for 2 nights camping trip!!

テントを張り、夕食の準備!We put up tents and prepare Dinner with camp fire!!
Main activity 'Rock Climbing'!!
She is still no problem with hiking up the hill!
ハネスをつけて~~ Let's put a harness on!
ついに挑戦!がんばれ~~ Go go!!!!
She is still smiling! After this we tried a couple of different place. It was a first time for her and she said that she will make more mussel for next time!! Then we went to the Lake for swimming!
きもち~~~! Nice~~~~~
その後はハイキング!とべちゃいそ~~! And hiking! Wow they might fly~~~~!!??

Popcorn on the fire!!
It was my birthday so they sang 'Happy birthday' song for me!!
Next morning we went to the Wisconsin Capital Madison. And visited one of the biggest farmer's market (every Saturday between May and October) in the USA.


We had a lot of fun!!