Thursday, September 30, 2010

消防署とカジノ?! Fire department and Casino??!!

この日はファミリー旅行でミシシッピー川のほとりのキャビンに行くはずが??!!ミシシッピー川が洪水し、キャビンにお泊まりはキャンセル。予定していたミシシッピー川沿いの小さな町の消防署のファンダライジングディナーは引き続き参加することに。ファイヤーマン達、はりきって水いっぱいまき過ぎちゃったかな?!Our family trip by the Mississippi has got canceled because the river was flooded.,,, But we went for the fire department fund-rise dinner.
わ~こんなにいっぱい集まった!Wow many people!!

BBQバーガーはかなりいけてた! The dinner was very good!
そうそう、ビールにあうんだよね~ Oh ye~s It's good with beer, right Finn?!!

あらら?周りでいっぱいゲームしてる!フィン、興味深々。??? People are gambling!! It's a Casino!! Finn looks so curious!!
ファンダライジングではギャンブルは認められてるんですね~ It's allowed to do gambling if it's fund rise event!
今度はこっち!Here he is!
調子はどない???!!How are you doing buddy!?
Finn goes many different places with his family and he is very excited to see lots of different things!

秋のファーマーズマーケット Farmaer's market in Fall

Viroqua Farmer's Market, we have only one more month. We are enjoying the cute delicious vegetables!! うわ~ Wow~~~~~

Saturday, September 25, 2010

パパジョージ Papa(Grandpa) George

ラクロスの町を車で通り抜けていると、、、、We were driving through the City of La Crosse.
パパジョージだった!!Papa George!!
いや今やグランパジョージ!No no GRANDPA George!!

さようなら Good Bye

We meat people and then we say good bye:( But we share good memory together and we will never forget each of them. Every time we bring our Clients to the airport to leave It feels like we are saying bye to an long time friend. Chieko left Wisconsin after bringing lot of excitement to our small town! Thank you so much and we hope to see you again!!!



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

初めてのハイキング Family's first hike

Since Finn was born I have been slowly healing up from my injuries. So I hadn't have been able to do outdoor activities this whole summer:( But today (9/20) We went for a mini hike with the 3 of us! We felt sooooooooo good!!!! It took a looooooooong time to get to this point but we are very happy now!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

日曜日のミシシッピ川で Sunday Mississippi river

今日はミシシッピクイーンのブランチクルーズからスタート!Sunday Brunch on The La Crosse Queen!
アメリカで一番長いミシシッピ川。雄大な景色を望みながらブランチを頂きます!The Mississippi is the largest river in the USA and the 2nd largest in the world! We were enjoying the view over lunch!
川底の深さが違うため、船が通行する際には閘門が閉められダムから水を大量に流して高さを調節する必要があるので、今船が先に見えている所に一度待機をする。It's one of the Locks and Dams!
さあ、今度は私たちの船。水をました時の線がくっきり見えますね!この高さまで水が増すのを待ちます。Now it's our time! You can see the water line!

その後はハイキングで岡の上からミシシッピ川を見下ろします!あの長~い貨物船はアメリカの北部から南部へ向かうところ。北部からは穀物が南部へと、南部からは石炭が北部へと運ばれます!この貨物船もあの閘門通らなければなりませんが、こんなに長くては入りきりません。よって少しずつ車両を外しまたつなぐという作業をするため1時間半~2時間ほど時間がかかるようです。うわ~、、、。After the cruise, we went for hiking at Perrot state park! Look It's a long barge! they also have to go through the locks and dams. It takes about 1.5~2 hours to get through for them cause they have to go though piece by piece!!
お天気もすっかり良くなりました!Weather turned perfect for hiking!!
秋のすがすがしいハイキングになりましたね!!It was a great fall hike!

Friday, September 17, 2010

初めてのフェア First Fair!

ビロクアの町に年一度やってくるフェア(Vernon county fair)。フィンの産まれて初めてのフェア体験!ダディーに抱かれてサー出発!Finn's first annual Vernon County Fair!! Daddy takes him around!!
モ~~~~!このお祭りでは町の人たちの自慢の動物たちが披露される。Moo~~~ People's favorite animals are showed at the fair!
フィン、真剣!Finn looks very serious!! "Daddy what is that?"
うっとり Are you falling in love with the horse??!
収穫自慢コーナー!ででででかい、、、。Look at this huge pumpkin!!!
アメリカのフェアで欠かせないのはドーナッツ!We can't miss mini-doughnuts at the fair!!
フィンも食べるかい?!Do you want to eat one too??!!
こちらはウィスコンシン名物チーズカードのフライ!フィンもいずれは食べられるね~ Cheese curd too!
ここはどこ?!Where are we?! Wow, look at all those colors and lights!

お友達のジェシカファミリーといっしょ。Hmmm even Jessica's family is in this strange place.
うわ~トラクターがあんなに小さく見える! The trackers are so small from up here!
ネオンきらきらにフィンは3時間、泣かないし、おむつもいらないし。かなりエンジョイした様子!今日は眠れないのかも、、、!Finn is so stimulated by the bright lights he looks like he enjoyed the fair a lot. He didn't evan cry or need diaper change for over 2 hours!!!

フィン、2カ月半にして観覧車に乗ってました!この観覧車ドア有るけど上は空きっぱなし。ある意味スリルありありでした!お初のフェア体験は大成功でした!Yes we were on the fairrs wheel! It didn't have roof wow! We enjoyed our trip to the fair a lot!!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

秋のキカプー川カヌー Fall Kickapoo canoeing

ウィスコンシンの9月は秋の始まり。短い秋を堪能できる貴重な月。時にはとっても寒くなったり、暖かかったり。チエコさんが到着されてからというもの、素敵な秋日和が続いています。チエコさんが太陽を持ってきてくれたのかな?!September is the beginning of fall in Wisconsin! Wisconsin fall can be very short so we always try to enjoy every moment of it! Since Chieko arrived, the weather has been cooperating most of the days! She brought us sunshine??!!
In the morning it was bit cloudy but when it's became time to canoe,,,,,,ta-da! it turned into really nice weather!!
ウィスコンシンの野花はとってもかわいい!Wild Flowers are so cute in Wisconsin!
Kickapoo river is very popular for canoeing! You can see such dynamic views!
We spent a little time at the park too! The country life is super relaxing!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

アメリカでマクロビ教室に挑戦 Macrobiotic

今日はマクロビ教室です!おなじみの先生アンマリー。チエコさんは色々なお料理にご挑戦されていらっしゃって、マクロビ料理も何度か日本でご経験あり。今回は’英語でアメリカで教えている先生から受けるクラスに’挑戦。Today we went for a Macrobiotic Class with Anne-Marie! Chieko is interested in many different types of cooking. She took some Macrobiotic classes in Japan as well. today, her class will be taught in English by Teacher who teaches cooking to Americans!
ローカルな食材を使いましょうという事で、アンマリーのガーデンでお野菜をゲット。よく晴れた青空がとっても気持ちがいい!The land knows what you should eat so it produce great seasonal foods right when you need them! We went out side to pick some vegetables from her garden! Wow it is such a wonderful day again!!
お料理は、食べるだけでなく、作る、見る、食材に触れる、感謝する事もどれも大事!そこから体や心に安らぎをもらうのも忘れてはならないもの!スローフードとは時間をかけるからこそその過程で吸収できるものも増えるんですね!It is important not only to eat but also to enjoy cooking, make it an art so you can appreciate it and get more from your foods. That is the great thing about slow foods!!
枠にはまりすぎないマクロビを教えてくれるアンマリーのクラスはとっても大好きです!しかし、ちえこさん、英語でのコミュニケーションが到着当初より、一段と素晴らしいですよ!!さすが!! Anne-Marie's Cooking class always is powered by positive energy. By the way, Chieko, your English is getting better and better everyday!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

男の料理アメリカ編 American Boy's Cooking!

What is American cooking??!! Well most Americans and their dishes are from Europe. but I think BBQ American style is very special. especially for the Men! Well today the boys decided to do it!
先日おばあちゃんから頂いたスモーカーを使って!普通はお水を入れるんだけど、今日はクロービスの案でビールを使って!We got this smoker from Grandma Siemon. We were excited to use it! Usually we put water in to keep the meat moist but this time Clovis decided to use beer for extra flavor!
フィンもボーイズ達に仲間入り! そして3時間ほどすると~~ Of course Finn joined the boy's time! 3 hours later,,,,
じゃ~~~ん!!うわ~~~おいしそ~~~しかしこれではまだ未完成。Wow smells and looks great!! But it is not done yet!
コロラドのおじいちゃんの秘伝のソースを電話で確認。このおじいちゃん、かなり色々なものを自家製で作っているのです。Grandpa Polski makes very very nice BBQ. Clovis called him and got the recipe! Grandpa and Grandma always cooks delicious dishes! I always enjoy it when we visit them!!
さて、スモーカーから出したお肉を今度はオーブンバックに入れて、オーブンの中で1時間、ソースをしみこませます。Put the meats in an oven bag and leave it in an oven for one hour so that sauce goes into the meat nicely and the center of the meat cooks!!
It was super delicious!!!! Thanks Grandpa for the recipe! And thanks Katie and Aaron for sharing your time with us!!