Thursday, February 19, 2015

にっぽん! Japan Trip!

2月19日 日本へいってきまーす! Let's go to Japan! 2/19
 僕はこれで!Me too!
3人のボーイズを連れての長旅。大丈夫かなーと思ってたけど3人ともおとなしくしてくれててとってもスムーズに行けました!The long flight with 3 boys under 5! But we made it! Boys were supper good boy on a plane!

ばーばのおうちに到着!ボーイズ達はばたんきゅーでした! We are at Grandma's house!
ばーばのおうちにはプラレールもその他おもちゃもた~くさん! Wow she has a lot of toys for us!

ティオ君もばーばにいっぱい遊んでもらってます!Ba-ba(Grandma) takes care of all boys so well!

さっそくいとこのユナ、セナとたくさん遊んでもらってます!ばーばのおうちのすぐ前は公園なので毎日ここで遊んでます!ボーイズ達は通りかかる人みんなに’こんにちは~’と元気よく挨拶するのが楽しみみたいです。Their cousin Yuna and Sena lives very close to Grandma's house so we have been playing almost everyday! Grandma's house is just next to the park so we play here everyday!

 ティオくんも!Tillo too!
バスで駅にいって電車を見よう! Bus ride trip to a station!
 ティオはいつもばーばと一緒なので新聞も一緒に読んでます!Tillo is always with Grandma so they read news paper together!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

二月の行事 February events

Every year Feb 3rd we have a special event called 'Setsubun'. 
See our last year blog about Setsubun
We eat big sushi roll and throw beans at Oni(Demon) so our all bad lack for this year goes away. So Oni came to our house and Finn was bravely throwing beans at Oni but Kii was totally scared and cried. But since then we've been telling him that if you have wet diaper Oni will come back and now his diaper is dry most of the time even middle of the night. Hooray!

そしてバレンタインデー。ボーイズはいっぱいハートを作ってくれました。And of course Valentine's day! Boys made us a lot of hearts!
 今年はチョコレート一とイチゴのアメリカンショートケーキです!This year I made Chocolate strawberry short cake!

このところティオもスマイルしてくれるようになってきてますます楽しくなってきました!さて、日本への準備で追われる毎日ですが、とうとう明日出発しまーす!Tillo has been smiling a lot! It's really fun!! Now we are getting ready for our Japan trip!! We will leave tomorrow!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

だれかな?Tillo in Packers!


Can you find a baby who is not Tillo?!