Sunday, April 30, 2017

鬼はそと~~~! Demon, go away!

節分。忙しく過ごしてたらこの日が節分ってことほぼ忘れ、違うディナープランを立ててたんだけど、急きょなんちゃってえっぽうまき?!何とか間に合った!Every year Feb 3rd we have a special event called 'Setsubun'. 
See our last year blog about Setsubun
We eat big sushi roll and throw beans at Oni(Demon) so our all bad lack for this year goes away. So Oni came to our house and Finn was bravely throwing beans at Oni but Kii was totally scared and cried. But since then we've been telling him that if you have wet diaper Oni will come back and now his diaper is dry most of the time even middle of the night. Hooray! 

子供たちは鬼はそと~で準備満タン?!キイ、本当に怖そう、、、、Look at Kii!
鬼がきた~~~~~~~ It is coming!!!!!
日本から購入してきた大豆!Yumm Yumm!!
 あ~今年もやっぱりキイはめちゃくちゃ怖がってた!!!Oh poor Kii he was so scared,,,,

ウィスコンシンの冬 Winter in Wisconsin

 ウィスコンシンに帰ってきてのお楽しみはこれ!どっさり降る雪!Back to Wisconsin's winter!
 今年もボーイズたちは大喜びで外に出てひたすら遊ぶ。Boys love to play with snow!
 こんな大きな雪だるま、ご近所さんが作ってたのでみんなで見に行ったよ。The neighbor  made a really serious snow man!
 雪が降ってもスクーター。Scooter on snow!
久しぶりのファーム。We missed the farm!
グランマ、グランパが首を長くして待ってました!Grandma and grandpa  missed boys so much!
田舎はやっぱりええなぁ~We love this!!
みんなそろってのごはん!Grandma's dinner is always so wonderful! Especially when we gather all together! 
It's beautiful! especially with sunshine! This year we had icy days so the school canceled quite bit.
 長い冬だから冬にできる遊びをたくさんして楽しみます!We enjoy winter activities a lot!
やっぱり巻きストーブは心からあったまるわ!!こんな感じの日々を過ごしてました!Wood stove warms us up!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

イースター Easter 2017

 ウィスコンシンに戻り、ブログの更新がなかなかできない毎日を過ごしていたら、もう春!今年のイースターもみんなで玉子にデコレーションします!卵をゆでて、クレオンでデザインを描いて、そのあと色を付けていきます。Back to Wisconsin life on blog. Oh time flies!!! It's Easter!!! Boys enjoyed egg dying!

準備満タン!We are ready!
 イースターサンデーはイースターウサギが卵を隠して行ったので、エッグハンティング。子供たちみんな大はしゃぎ!Boys loved the egg hunting!

ファームに行ってまたまたエッグハンティング。スナックで腹ごしらえしてWe visited the farm

恒例のハイキング!And our annual Easter hiking! 
自然滑り台~ Whee~~~

ジェーンのお料理をいただいて、今年も満足満足なイースターとなりました!Jane's cooking is always amazing!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

さよなら日本!Good bye Japan!

いとこ同士こうやって遊べるのっていいね~!Oh it was so great that our kids got to hang out with their cousins a lot!
ゆなはもう小学校卒業だ!いつの間にかいいお姉ちゃんになってた!Yuna was born when Clovis and I met. She grew so much!

学校では吹奏楽部で大活躍!小さいから出しておっきなホルン吹いてます! She plays the horn at school. She is petite so the horn looks even bigger!!
公園でもいっぱい遊んでもらったね!We had so much fun with Baba!
ば~ばのマイカーは昔から自転車。どこまででも行っちゃいます!滞在中、ティオをのせて電車を見に行ったり、買い物行ったり。いまだにティオは”ばぁば 電車 いった~”と話してます!This is her car! She always picked us up when she needed by her bicycle even rainy day! She doesn't have a driving license! But this is even better!
みんなでパジャマ、ばぁばだ~い好き!Pajama!! We love Baba!!

いよいよ帰国。Now it's time to say good bye to Baba!
ありがとば~ば!6週間、お世話なりました~~~~!!Thanks for hosting us for 6 Weeks!!We will miss you!!
羽田空港。At Haneda international airport!

次に日本に来れるのをまた今から楽しみにしてまーす!みんな、ありがとう!ほんと楽しかった~~~~!!Thank you everyone we had so much fun together!!

この後、羽田から出発し、アラスカの火山が噴火していたため、数時間遅れ、乗継便に乗れず、夜まで待ったらその便もキャンセル。ミネアポリスのホテルでとまった。帰ってきましたこの寒さ、全然恋しくな~い!!Our flight was delayed  because a volcano erupted  in Alaska!! We arrived around 3PM and missed a flight from Minneapolis to La Crosse though the flight was canceled anyway. And we waited for the next one which was 10 PM. But the flight was canceled!!

So we stayed at a hotel which boys loved the bunk bed with the curtain! We got up 5AM and got on the shuttle to the airport. Finally we were on the airplane!! But we were told to get off,,,, another problem... La Crosse airport was running out of antifreeze chemical,,,, Delta made us wait until 3PM and said there is no shuttle available so we had to rent a car by ourselves!!!

合計48時間かかってお家に帰りました~あ~疲れた~~~~!!We took all our bags and boxes and transferred to the car which was NOT EASY!!!  We drove to La Crosse and got our van and drove home,,, It took us 48 hours to get home this time!!! We were tired but we made it!!!